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Why Install a Pivot Shower Screen?

As you design the layout of a new bathroom, you allocate space for a shower. During this process, you have to decide what kind of screen door to use.

Your options include sliding, hinged or pivot screens. While they all have their own benefits and cosmetic appeal, there are times when a pivot screen is the best solution.

How do these screens work, and when are they most useful?

How Does a Pivot Shower Screen Work?

Pivot screens are similar to hinged doors in that they open outwards into the room. So, you pull the door out to open it before you step into the shower; you then push it open to get out again when you're done.

However, pivot screens work slightly differently to hinged doors. Hinges allow screens to open out completely. The pins that hold pivot screens move them in a different way. These pins allow the screen to pivot open on its frame. So, when you use it, it opens out to give you access; however, it doesn't swing out completely. The side of the screen on the pivot swings back into the shower space.

Why Use a Pivot Screen?

Some people install pivot doors simply because they like the way they work. This is neater solution than a hinged door.

Pivot screens are particularly useful if you're short on space in your bathroom. For example, if you're fitting a shower in an alcove close to a sink, then you may not have enough room outside your shower for a hinged door to fully open.

A pivoting product works like a regular door but takes up less space outside of the shower. Part of the door goes back inside when you open it so you need less clearance around it.

While sliding or bi-fold screens also work in small rooms, you may not like the way these doors look or work. So, a pivot screen would give you all the benefits of a hinged door without the space restrictions.

Even if you don't mind the idea of a sliding or folding screen, remember that this might not be a viable option in a tiny shower space. Some showers are too small for standard sliding screens. However, you could fit in a small pivot door in this instance.

To find out more about glass shower screens and the benefits of pivoting options, talk to your bathroom remodelling company or contractor.