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Why Hire Stairs With Your Scaffolding Instead of Ladders?

If you need to hire scaffolding for a building job, then you need to think about how your crew access each level. While ladders are a common option here, they aren't always the best choice.

If you're working at height or on a big job with an extensive scaffolding spread, then it's a better idea to hire stairs to connect your levels. Why?

Make Your Scaffolding Safer

Your workers may be used to going up and down ladders. However, ladders aren't the safest access solution when you're working at height. They can be precarious — if a ladder slips out of place, then anyone using it at the time could have a serious fall. It is also difficult to carry something up or down a ladder. You need two free hands to use one safely.

Ladder rungs are also narrow and hard to stand on. If they get wet or dirty, then it's easy for a foot to slip off because the surface loses its grip. It's also harder to use ladders when the weather is bad. Rain makes them too slippery to be safe. 

Stairs are a less hazardous solution. Their treads are wider so your feet will fit on them more securely even when they are wet. Your hands are free so you can carry things more safely.

If you add hand rails and side barriers, then ladders become even safer. For example, people can hold rails to help them keep their footing and balance in bad weather.

Improve Your Workflow

Ladders give you access problems. Often, they are only accessible to one person at a time. So, if someone is climbing up the ladder, a person who wants to come down will have to wait.

Plus, you'll have to find a way to get materials and equipment up to higher levels on your scaffolding. If it isn't safe to carry them up a ladder, you may need to set up a winch, hoist or even a crane.

Stairs solve these problems. For example, people can use them in both directions, and they may be able to bear more weight. You won't lose time while your workers wait to get up and down your scaffolding. It's also a lot easier and safer to carry items up a set of stairs.

To see what kind of stairs you should order with your scaffolding, talk to a scaffold hire company in your area.