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Why You Should Go Straight To The Timber Supplier When Constructing Your New Home

When building a new home you want to ensure that every component of it is of the highest quality. The only way you can ever truly know this is if you see the place where the material is made and get it straight from the source, and nowhere is this truer than when it comes to timber supplies. Timber is an integral part of many internal structures that keep your home upright and has been for hundreds of years. This is perhaps most noticeable in the wall frames that make up most of your home's internal and external composition. Here are a few reasons you should go straight to the timber wall frame supplier when sourcing materials for your new home. 

Cut Out The Middle Man

When you go straight to the timber wall frame supplier you eliminate a lot of intermediary steps you would otherwise have to go through. That means fewer tradies to pay, less time to set up and a quicker finished product. It also means that the timber wall frame supplier sources all their own timber and supplies, meaning you don't have to do anything but hire them and give them the specifications. Building a house can take years from start to completion and any way that you can cut down on this timeframe should be taken. 

Make It Easy To Put In

When you get your timber wall frame supplier to do all of the internal structural work on your home there is no guessing work when it comes time to piece it all together. Everything goes into place with ease and the form of the house will become visible in just a few hours, if not sooner. Other materials used for wall frames (like brick and metal) can take days if not months to correctly line up and set, and this can balloon costs out. 

Have A Person To Go To In The Event Of An Issue

When a problem goes wrong with your home due to faulty construction or poor material, often the actual culprit behind the fault is obscured due to the many layers of different people working on your house. With a timber wall frame supplier you know exactly where all your material and craftsmanship comes from and you can call them up quickly in the event of any issues. It also means that you can have greater confidence in the work because a business is actually staking their reputation on their work by being so heavily involved in the construction of your house. The quality of these suppliers is generally at a far higher level than any other option, and that is why many Australians are making the switch to dealing directly with the supplier.