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Qualities Of Engineered Flooring That Make It Perfect For Your Child's Playroom

When they have kids, most parents designate a bedroom and a separate playroom for them so that they have a space that feels like their own. However, how toddlers utilise their playroom is different from how older kids do. With time, you will notice that things like your kids having friends over, playing with toys on the floor and doing other activities will necessitate the installation of new flooring. You could be tempted to choose premium supplies such as solid hardwood, especially if the rest of your home has this flooring, but this will translate into costly repairs and eventual replacement due to physical damage. A better alternative would be engineered flooring. Comprising multiple layers of timber, engineered flooring possesses several qualities that make it perfect for your child's playroom, as highlighted below.

Straightforward maintenance

Kids are messy. And when they have other children in their playroom, you likely have to contend with dirt from outside, food crumbs, beverage spills and so on. If you have carpeting in this room, you will have to invest in professional deep cleaning regularly to get stains out. On the other hand, if you have solid timber flooring, the surface will eventually lose its lustre since you cannot scrub out blotches. Engineered flooring does not require heavy-duty maintenance for it to remain unblemished. As long as you sweep off dirt and mop up spills, you will not be tasked with enlisting sanding and polishing services routinely.

Uniquely attractive

Your house may be characterised by a formal aesthetic, but this is not a look that complements a playroom. Thus, you could be thinking that rather than timber flooring, you should opt for tile or linoleum that is less formal. However, this is unnecessary. Engineered flooring comes in a vast range of hues and grains. You can opt for light-coloured engineered flooring that will reflect light in the playroom and make the space appear lively and airy. This quality of engineered flooring ensures that every homeowner can find engineered flooring that will correspond with the interior design scheme they have chosen for this room.

Increased property value

You could be worried that investing in engineered flooring will detract from the overall value of your property, but this is incorrect. Engineered flooring's longevity and durability ensure that it is a long-term investment for your child's playroom. These advantages coupled with its unique aesthetic increase the value of your property.