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3 Ways to Know Your Drains Are Clogged and Need to Be Cleaned

A lot of waste and gallons of water go down your drain each year, and this may ruin your health in a big way if your drains aren't kept in good shape. If you don't inspect your drainage pipes often, they may rust and get clogged. Rust and hard-water minerals aren't the only cause of a clogged drain, though.

The food you dispose of in the garbage disposal can cause clogs. Other things that cause clogged drains include hair, soap and sanitary towels, among others. Most people know the tools they can use to unclog or clean their drains, but they sometimes don't know when it's the right time to do it. Here's how you know your drains are due for a professional cleaning:

A Slow Drain

When your drain is clogged, it gets sluggish. If you have a sluggish drain, your toilet will overflow when flushed. Some people don't notice when their bathroom or tub sink drains slowly, and they only discover it when the clog gets worse. If you notice a sluggish drain in your home, don't first think about the drain cleaning chemicals. Some of these drain cleaners are toxic, and the fumes they produce may affect your health in a big way or even leave your plumbing pipes damaged. Instead, contact a plumber to clean the drain, because they know the certified cleaners and tools they should use.

Fruit Flies 

Fruit flies invade your kitchen for a reason. Overripe fruits invite these pests in your kitchen, but this isn't the only reason they come. If food waste has accumulated in your kitchen drain, these annoying flies will find their way into your kitchen. Most fruit flies find the food waste in a clogged kitchen drain a delectable buffet. If these flies can't help hovering around your kitchen sink, then your sink drain needs to be cleaned. If a sink with a garbage disposal isn't cleaned regularly, it may invite fruit flies into your kitchen.

Gurgling Sounds

Clean and well-maintained drains shouldn't be noisy when draining water and waste. The noise that water in the drain makes when circling or running is normal, but gurgling noises indicate something is wrong with your drain. The bubbling or gurgling noises from the sink, shower or toilet show your drain needs professional cleaning. Gurgling occurs when the air from the clog occupies the space it shouldn't occupy in the drain. Your drains could also be noisy if the air vents are blocked because the sewer gas cannot escape.

Drain clogs can be distressing, but they are easy to avoid if you clean your drains often. Get a plumber to inspect the vents and pipes of your plumbing system and identify clogs early. If you want the water to flow freely in your drains always, hire drain cleaning professionals today.