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Aluminium Shutters for External Use

Window shutters can help improve the overall level of security around your residential premises. Shutters that are to be used on the exterior side of your home are exposed to a more rigorous environment than those that go on the inner side of your residential windows.

For this reason, external shutters need to be more rigid and sturdy in order to survive the rigorous conditions in which they operate. A few reasons why aluminium is the material of choice for external shutters are highlighted below.

Aluminium Is Easily Recyclable

One of the main reasons why aluminium shutters are the best for outdoor use is the fact that aluminium is the easiest metal to recycle compared to other metals such as steel. What this means is that the cost of fabricating aluminium shutters is likely to be much lower than that of fabricating shutters made of steel or any other metal in the event that the shutters are to be made of recycled metal.

An additional advantage of the ease of recycling is that aluminium shutters are a more eco-friendly choice than many other materials that could be used for the fabrication of residential window shutters.

Aluminium Shutters Are Powder-Coated

One of the main concerns that homeowners often have about external shutters is the fact that they are more vulnerable to damage as compared to internal shutters.

Manufacturers of aluminium shutters seem to know this all too well, which is why aluminium window shutters are powder-coated to make them more resistant to corrosion and rust-related problems.

You can therefore rationally expect aluminium shutters to outlast any other material that may be used for external shutters, such as wood and PVC.

Also, the fact that aluminium shutters are powder-coated means that they can be made available in nearly any colour, which makes it easy to have shutters that complement the colour theme of your exterior décor.

Aluminium Is Reflective

Another advantage of aluminium shutters on external windows is the high reflectivity associated with aluminium when used as a shutter material. The advantage of having a highly reflective material on your window shutters is that it helps keep excess sunlight out of your interior living spaces.

This can help keep indoor temperatures comfortable without relying too much on artificial air conditioning.

When it comes to external shutters, few other materials can match the durability and functionality provided by aluminium window shutters.

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