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Having An Exterior Living Space Constructed? Choose An Adjustable Louvre Roof System!

Electing to have an outdoor living space constructed is a worthwhile investment for any Australian residence. Not only do you get to a space to enjoy the outdoors when the weather is favourable, which happens to be for a majority of the year, but you also get a place to relax in your solitude and simply connect with nature. Nonetheless, one of the many decisions you need to make is selecting the right roofing system. A great option you can consider is a louvre roofing system. Available in a range of materials, louvre-roofing systems are characterised by their horizontal slats that are either fixed in place or can be adjusted at an angle. The adjustable louvre roof systems offer a host of advantages for exterior living spaces, as illustrated below.

Enhanced ventilation

If your particular location is usually hot and humid, ventilation is critical for your comfort in your exterior living space. Thus, rather than have a traditional roofing system, you should opt for the louvre variety, as the space between the louvres facilitates airflow inside the shelter. While the fixed louvres do allow for an airy exterior living, the adjustable louvres are the best roofing system for your needs since you can increase or decrease the breeze filtering into the shelter. As a bonus, the enhanced ventilation is also beneficial if you like to barbeque, as the smoke will clear out faster than if you had a closed roofing system.

Illumination control

The second advantage that adjustable louvre roof systems have over their conventional roofing counterparts is the light control that they provide you. If it is a cloudy day, you can adjust the slats to open up as much as space as possible between them to allow in natural light, and consequently, you do not have to be reliant on artificial lighting in your outdoor living space. Alternatively, if it is a sunny day and you want to mitigate glare in the shelter, you can angle the louvres to block the sunlight. Regulating the light also allows you to control the amount of shade you want inside your outdoor shelter, which is highly advantageous during the hot months.

Increased functionality

When you factor in the above-mentioned advantages of choosing a louvre roofing system for your outdoor living space, you will find that this option makes this shelter more functional throughout the year than a regular roofing system. For example, a flat roof will not provide you with ventilation so your exterior living space can become suffocating in the scorching heat. Overall, if you want to make the most of outdoor living, you should have a louvre roof system installed during the construction of your shelter.