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Ideas For Using Three Types Of Natural Stone Around Your Home

A sure way to enhance your home is to incorporate natural stone pavers around the space. You can pick from a variety of different rocks when purchasing your landscape supplies, three of which are granite, travertine and bluestone. Here are several ideas on using their organic beauty around your landscape.


You can spread granite pavers across driveways, pool decks, patios and paths. With its durable nature, this rock can withstand heavy vehicles and foot traffic without sustaining damage. When selecting the colour, consider other hardscape elements and surrounding greenery to produce a harmonious effect. Granite offers hues such as grey, mauve, black and fawn. Once you have a colour, consider the paver shape and layout options. Choose from rectangular, circular and diamond forms, among others. You could combine two different tones to create patterns. Why not lay the inner parts of a circular design with lighter pavers, and border them with darker stone? Using shade variations, you can create virtually any layout you can conceive.


For a classic, beautiful aesthetic reminiscent of ancient Rome, spread travertine pavers across your pool deck or patio. Their stunning ivory, peach, pink and walnut tones provide a luxurious and elegant look. You can lay them in various patterns: herringbone, diamond-cut, basketweave and many others. These pavers form attractive edging for garden beds, creating a pleasing contrast with green lawn and foliage. You can also install travertine on balconies, paths or driveways to impart elegance in all areas.


Bluestone gives a different look to travertine with its blues, purples, greys, browns and oranges. Its toughness and durability prepare it for diverse environments, both inside and outside. For instance, cover a kitchen or bathroom floor with grand-looking bluestone pavers. Alternatively, decorate your outdoor living areas with this versatile stone which can go almost anywhere. Gracing many public buildings, bluestone stands the test of time, enduring all sorts of weather conditions without degrading. 

Different finishes alter the look of the surface. A textured thermal finish—the ideal non-slip surface for patios and pathways—results from a heat-treatment. For inside your home, a honed effect creates attractive smooth flooring, or a natural cleft finish with irregular texturing is another option. You can intersperse pale sand and cream shades among blues and greys, or, for a more evenly coloured floor, stick with more consistent shades. Natural stone, no matter where you incorporate it around the landscape, adds an organic beauty with a lasting appeal over many years.

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