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The Three Qualities to Look for In Tree Seedlings

Landscaping is an often overlooked but very effective way to improve the appearance of our surroundings. A home which has proper landscaping gets a unique microclimate where the air is always fresh and the temperatures are relatively cooler than places without landscaping. Good landscaping also improves the resale value of the home. However, to benefit from all these benefits that come from proper landscaping, you have to invest in the best seedlings. Here are three qualities to look for in seedlings.

Genetic Purity

A seed is considered genetically pure when it has not been contaminated by materials from other species. Processes which interfere with the genetic purity of a seed include transplanting, and at times, the use of pesticides and other genetic forms of modification. The purity of the plant gotten from a seed begins with the purity of the seed. When the seed is pure, the plant will have fewer issues. On the other hand, when the seed is impure, the resulting plant will be weaker.

The Germination Rate

There is nothing that is more discouraging than getting seeds or seedlings and planting a nursery only to realise that the germination rate is not as high as you would have expected it to be. To avoid this, ask your landscape plant supplier to offer data showing the germination rate where the seedlings have been used before. Additionally, talk to independent homeowners who have used the seeds before and find out that they have to say about the germination rate of the seedlings. 

Physiological Vigour

There are seedlings and plants that are genetically inferior and weaker. As a result, when they are planted in an environment that is full of challenges, such as diseases and other physical factors that weaken seedlings, they die. Some of the qualities that point to superior quality seedlings include the size, colour, and shape of the seeds. When a seed has good physical vigour, it responds well to farm inputs such as fertilisers, manure, and other supplements. 

These three things are some of the qualities to look for in seedlings which you want to use for landscaping. It is important to remember that if you make the mistake of getting a low-quality seedling, you are more likely to end up with low-quality plants on your yard, which increases the possibility of disease. Consult experts before making any purchases as this will improve the landscaping outcome.