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Guidelines on Kerb Repairs for Commercial Buildings

An excellent way you can landscape your commercial property is by installing kerbs. Weather exposure and using the concrete kerb, however, will lead to its deterioration. Maintenance of the kerbing is an area that many owners tend to ignore. Failing to maintain your commercial kerb could lead to the formation of cracks. That is why carrying out kerb repairs is necessary. Here are tips to help you when repairing a cracked concrete kerb.

Prepare the Area

The first thing to do is the preparation of the kerbing. Begin by removing any plants and soil around the kerb. That way, you can carefully assess the extent of the damage to the kerb. Clearing also helps you have an easy time when doing the repairs. The next step is removing any loose pieces of the cracked concrete. Sometimes you can remove these pieces using your hand. However, other times you may need to use a hammer and chisel. You will then need to use a pipe to clear any sticking pieces. After cleaning, leave the area for some days until it is dry.

Patch with Concrete

Once the area is fully dry, you can then begin repairing the kerb. You can get concrete repair kits from various stores. Once you have bought the equipment, ensure you follow the manufacturer's instructions on mixing. Use a brush to apply the bonding material to the damaged part of the kerb. After this, you can then pour the concrete to patch the broken pieces. Keep pouring the concrete until it is a level higher than the rest of the kerb. Wipe off any excess using a trowel. Leave the concrete to cure before you can begin using it again.

Know When to Do Repairs

You should know when the kerbing needs fixing. One sign that your kerb needs repair is when you see the growth of vegetation. That indicates the presence of cracks where the plants can pass through. Also, the kerb can begin breaking down after it absorbs a lot of water. You will then need to fix or replace the whole kerb depending on the extent of the damage. Another sign that you should repair the kerb is when you begin to see it discolouring. The discolouration is a sign of water damage. 

Get an expert to examine the kerb and determine the best action to take. If the kerbing has minor damage, you will need to do kerb repairs. Keep in mind that DIY repairs may not be enough in all cases. Sometimes you need a contractor to carry out professional kerb repairs.