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Why Install a Dual-Action Skylight Window?

If you want to install an openable skylight window, then you may think that you don't have much choice in terms of the way these windows open. Typically, skylights open from the bottom out.

However, in some cases, you can install a dual-action window in these locations instead. How do these windows work and why should you install one?

What Is a Dual-Action Skylight Window? 

Dual-action skylights are typically used in areas where you can reach the window. So, you might put one in a lower attic roof or in a kitchen extension.

These windows open in different ways to regular skylights. Like any skylight, you can open the window from the bottom. This pushes the window out in the open air.

However, these windows also have a handle set at the top. If you pull this handle, the window opens down from the top into the room.

In most cases, this handle has two settings. The first creates a vented gap or opening at the top of the window. In some cases, the window itself opens a little; in others, a vent opens in the top of the frame. The second setting opens the window itself more fully.

Why Install a Dual-Action Skylight Window?

A dual-action window is more flexible than a standard skylight. The fact that it can open from the top as well as the bottom is particularly useful.

If you open the upper vent, then you get fresh air into a room without having to have the window fully open. In this setting, the window opens into the room in a fixed position which is also better from a security perspective.

This vented position is also useful when it is windy. A standard skylight window might blow shut in gusty weather; however, this isn't likely to happen when you have a vent open. This part of the window opens into the room, so it won't be affected by the weather outside.

You can also use the top handle on a dual-action skylight to make cleaning the window easier. If you have a full opening setting on your top handle, you can pull the window right down. This allows you to clean the outside of the glass from inside your home. You wouldn't be able to do this with a regular skylight that only opens outwards.

To find out more about dual-action products and whether they'll suit your room, contact skylight window manufacturers.