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Why Plant Hire Is Always Preferable To Purchasing Equipment Outright

When approaching any new construction job, you always need to do a cost-benefit assessment of materials, equipment and labour. Construction equipment is some of the most expensive and industry-specific in the world, which means that if you are going to purchase something, you want to make good use of it. On the other hand, plant hire offers an excellent opportunity to routinely save a lot of money all while getting a great service with much less responsibility. Here are a few reasons why plant hire is so much better than buying expensive machines and vehicles for your company.

Always Get The Latest Variety

Excavators, loaders, dump trucks, rollers and even forklifts all get upgraded quite frequently, with new models making the machines more accessible and more comfortable to use. If you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on buying one of these, you are stuck with that model for decades before you get your value out of it. In the meantime, newer models that are stronger, faster and overall better than yours will become available and make you a little obsolete. Plant hire will always give you the latest and greatest machinery for a much lower cost than buying a machine outright.

All Of The Benefits, None Of The Risk

As long as you are using professionally qualified operators for all your plant hire rentals, you are clear to use them for as long as you need. That means don't need to worry about insurance, permits, registrations and so on for your plant hire vehicles. That is all taken care of, which means you can get right down to the job you were hired to do. This takes away a lot of the hassle of getting jobs started and means that you never run the risk of accidentally letting your insurance run out. Let someone else take care of that for you. 

Single-Use Vehicle

Sometimes a job will have an individual requirement that needs a select type of machinery or vehicle. If you were going to buy all the equipment that you would ever need your warehouse would be overflowing with piling rigs, stabilisers, dozers and every construction tool under the sun. That is just not practical, so even if you prefer to buy vehicles you will use on most jobs, plant hire is still the best way to access the more niche variants that you may need once in a blue moon.