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Three Indications That a House Needs New Piles

The foundation of a building is what determines how well it will support the house and for how long. When the foundation is well-laid, your house attains solid structural integrity. On the other hand, when the contractors make mistakes when laying the foundation, the house supports itself on a weak base. The weight imbalance leads to weaknesses forming in certain parts of the structure and, if not checked, the eventual collapse of the building. Piles are often added to a foundation when the topsoil is not stable. They are long and are normally driven deep into the ground. They support a building and ensure that even if the topsoil is weak, the foundation does not settle. Here are three common indications that a house needs piles.

Sagging Floors 

The floor is the structure directly supported by the house foundation piers. When the foundation is weak, it is common for the floor to sag in various places. A sagging floor is uneven. You can test the evenness of a floor by watching how water moves when poured. A perfectly level floor stagnates water. However, when the water flows and pools on one side, you have a problem in your hands. A foundation contractor checks the sagging gradient and uses the results to determine how much foundation damage your house has.

Cracks on the Walls, Foundation and Floor

A house is held together by the structural integrity of the foundation. When the foundation weakens and starts to settle, the house starts falling apart. This shift leads to cracks on the foundation, the floor and the walls. The width of the crack determines how much damage has happened. A crack which is more than half an inch wide should worry you enough to call in a foundation contractor.

When Doors Refuse to Close Properly

Another thing that usually happens when your house foundation has problems is doors and windows refusing to close properly. Most of the time, when the foundation shifts, it takes some walls apart a bit further apart. In other parts of the house, the walls squish together. This can lead to the window space being too wide or too narrow. 

Piles are an excellent way to correct foundation problems because they can be driven even after the house is complete. All you need is to contact a foundation contractor as soon as you see the signs of foundation problems in the home. They will assess your foundation and decide what method to use to fix the weakness. 

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