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Ways That Installing Polished Concrete Flooring Will Enhance Your Kitchen

Kitchen flooring needs to be beautiful and hardwearing, able to withstand constant traffic and to survive spills and debris. If you want a clean feeling with character, consider polished concrete. Here are several ways this will enhance your kitchen.


It's essential to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic, and that goes for flooring as well as other surfaces. Polished concrete provides a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that isn't laced with grout that traps dirt and grime. All it will need is a vacuum or mop with a microfibre or other cloth. 

Brightens Up A Room

Polished concrete reflects light around a room, and thus it will brighten up your kitchen, giving it an airy ambience. You'll be able to rely more on natural daylight rather than turning to artificial globes. The shininess of this flooring, however, doesn't evoke an artificial plasticky feel as it's combined with the earthiness of concrete full of aggregates like quartz and granite. 

Colour Options

Contractors can colour your concrete virtually any hue of your choice. They can add pigments into the cement so that it extends right through. Other treatments go on once it's poured. Dry shake colours can go over the top of the surface as its drying to react with the concrete. Alternatively, chemical stains use metallic salts that respond with hard cement surfaces, creating a fusion of shades and colours rather than a flat, one-toned surface. You can decorate your concrete in endless ways in earthy hues with a natural look or create vibrant motifs and designs.

Different Polish Levels

Not all polished concrete surfaces display the same level of shine. Contractors run over the flooring with progressively finer grits that amp up the polish. Thus you can stop at any point you prefer, be it a soft sheen or high gloss. And the polish on the concrete is smooth and unending, not interrupted by visual joins between planks of wood or between tiles.


Concrete is exceptionally durable and hardwearing. It doesn't mould or rot, like wood, or degrade like softer materials such as laminate. 

Overall, concrete polishing creates practical flooring for a kitchen. It's hygienic, hardwearing and easy to clean, without problematic grimy grouting. Plus, you'll have plenty of design colour options to create organic-looking floors or more vivid creations. The level of shine is also up to you as contractors progressively polish these floors, and this can be halted at any stage. 

Reach out to a concrete polishing service for more information.