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Top Tips When Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Service

Would you want to hire a reliable commercial cleaning company? Could be you want to clean a commercial complex or a recently completed building. Read this guide for a comprehensive guide on what you should consider when hiring a commercial cleaning service. 


It is a vital concern since you want to get value for your money. Conduct some internet research to identify commercial cleaning companies in your locality. Contact the company's clients, check social media and find online reviews to know how people rate their services. 

Contact the company to assess their level of expertise. For instance, inquire what chemicals they use during cleaning. Avoid companies that use reactive chemicals that could corrode surfaces or damage your carpets. Ask the safety measures that the company observes when cleaning the premises. For instance, their staff should have protective gear. The area should be barricaded to prevent falls. Fall protection systems are a must-have when cleaning the windows and walls. 

Available Services

Consider companies that offer a wide range of services such as: 

Terms of Engagement 

Examine the terms of the engagement contract. For instance, you would want to know the number of people that the company will deploy. The cleaners will access your offices. As such, the company should conduct thorough background checks to ensure that the cleaners are trustworthy individuals. Check the company's liability policy. Typically, they should be ready to replace any items that are damaged by the cleaners. Your worker's compensation insurance cover may not cover the cleaners. Therefore, the commercial cleaning service should have adequate insurance coverage. 


Ask the company to offer a quote detailing how much they will charge for the cleaning service. Negotiate the company's quote. For instance, you could ask for a fixed charge if the company charges extra for night and weekend cleaning services. Remember to ask how and when you should make your payments. 

When choosing a commercial cleaning service, evaluate their expertise, available services, terms of engagement and the company's pricing.