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Timber Supplies You Will Need to Build Your Own Trusses

If you are in the market to build your own micro home, then you already know a part of that build will be trusses. This includes wall and roof trusses. You can order these trusses from a company directly, but with the size of micro homes, you may need to special order. This could take several additional weeks that you may not have. If this is the case, you may be considering the option of building your own. If this idea appeals to you, here are some of the timber supplies you will need.

Timber Brackets

Brackets are a major part of building trusses. You will need the brackets to join the different major points of the trusses together. You may need a dozen or more per truss depending on the location of the truss and the style you would like to have. If you are using an exposed truss for the roof line, you may want to find a decorative timber bracket since it will be visible and will play into the overall finished look of the roof. 

Wood Screws and Pegs

Traditional wood truss designs for both roofing and walls use wood screws and pegs. This is to not only secure the timber but to also give a finished look if you plan on having exposed beams and trusses. Timber supply companies sell various styles of wood screws including ones that, once placed, can have wood caps placed to cover and protect the screw and where the screw joins with the wood. Pegs are used to connect two pieces of timber where screws may not be as ideal. You can purchase the wood pegs in the same wood you are using for the trusses. This helps keep a uniform look throughout the trusses. 

Curved Timber Arches

In a traditional basic frame truss, the timber is usually straight cut wood. This means there are no curves or angles to the timber pieces. You may find that you want options that offer more of a decorative effect. This is especially true when you want exposed roof trusses where the overall look can matter greatly. If this is the case, you may find you like designs that use a curved or decorative wood. You can purchase pre-curved and designed timber arches to help support your basic frame design. 

Your local timber supply company will have most, if not all, of the items you need to build your own timber trusses. Keep in mind, some items may be upgradable based on the type of wood you are working with and the type of wood you would like. You may also need to waterproof the wood with a sealant. You can purchase that waterproofing seal from the timber supply company in most cases.

For more information, contact a local timber supplies provider.