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4 Top Responsibilities Of A Surveyor In Your Construction Project

Everyone knows they should hire a competent surveyor in the construction process. However, very few people understand the role and responsibility of the skilled professional. If you are starting a construction project, you should start by understanding the role that each player will undertake. The surveyor examines the land and determines its suitability for construction from multiple reference points. Here are the top four roles a competent surveyor should play in your construction project. 

Creating The Site Interface

One of the challenges people face during the construction process is the inability to translate what is on the architectural drawing into actual construction. Professional surveyors can help you bridge the gap between what you have on the drafting board and an asset. They use electronic distance measuring devices and add angular data to them. They also consider the topography and make the site layout an assignable set of coordinates. The process helps answer the question of how the drawing will translate into an actual building. 

Preparing The Plats

A plat is a map that clearly defines property boundaries. They also assess the property's geographic features. The surveyor will assess the land before construction and create the plat. They also consult the development plan you have come up with to help you determine whether they will be feasible. The analysis and planning sessions often include communication with construction crews and other survey staff. The goal is to ensure the construction process runs smoothly. 

Assessing The Boundary Lines

Boundary lines are a crucial element of the construction process. Any mistakes in defining them can lead to liabilities and even force you to bring down a construction project. Have a land surveyor present before starting the project. They use global positioning systems to assess the site and determine the accurate boundary line. Their data will also help you manage the construction per the construction guidelines and zoning laws. The surveyor will work with the contractor to ensure they answer all their questions before the ground-breaking. 

Avoiding Construction Errors

Some mistakes can lead to the construction of substandard structures. For example, you need to fully understand the topography of a place before choosing a specific foundation type. Using the wrong foundation would mean the building will not bear weight as it should, leading to structural integrity issues.

It is not advisable to start a construction project without the help of a land surveyor. Start by hiring one and putting everything in order before erecting the building. With the ideal consultations, you will attain a positive construction outcome.